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Tips for Career Growth and Achieving Career Success in India

One journey we all anticipate in life is that of career growth. It is a rich journey that offers you so much chances to learn. It gives you plenty of chances to mold yourself and advance your job to better stages. In many ways, your career growth journey can be compared to large tree that spreads its branches out or as a blank canvas that you need to fill with colors. It influences even the most simplest aspects of our life. It also affects your world view and your social interactions as well. Think about it as a path towards a better quality of life, where we continuously enhance our knowledge and skills. We do all this just to climb higher in our professional graph. 
In a country like India, new graduates are always spreading their wings, looking for new jobs. in such a case, career development has a major role for fresh graduates. Fresh graduates need to understand that having a career goes beyond just a job to pay the bills. It is certainly more than just working for 9-10 hours six days a week for a monthly payment or renumeration. Career growth begins with shaping our identity and supporting our lifestyle and family. It also includes showcasing our talents and skills, making the most of what we have to offer. 
As we take the first step into our career, we definitely need to think of how we can enhance our growth trajectory in the the professional world. You need to understand that when you take the reins of your own success, you end up welcoming more opportunities for  career advancement. Doing this will certainly be great motivation for you. That's why we have given you some pointers that will help give your career graph the kind of push you were hoping for. Through this blog, we'll give you some reasons as to why your career growth is important as well. So it doesn't matter if you have just begun your career or not. Read on, as we uncover a few important pointers that will raise your career graph in the Indian Job Market. 

 Some Tips for Improving Career Growth 

Here are the top some of the top ways you can invest in your own development and improve growth in your career: 

Express Your Desire to Grow 

You need to begin by clearly stating that you are interested in growing in your field. To be fair, it becomes easy to advance in your office when you start making it clear that you are keen on new opportunities. You should understand that your manager has a whole team of people who can submit their work and be in the rat race for a promotion and success. Of course, there are still others who are perfectly happy to be in the position that they are in without changing even a little bit. When you talk to your superior and express your desire for growth, it certainly earns you brownie points.   This step will make it clear that you are  in the running to actually get the job done  when new responsibilities or projects come up. Talk to your team supervisor and tell them that you want to grow and advance in your career. This can be done by scheduling a one-on-one meeting with them and telling them about your future in the company. If that doesn’t work for you, simply volunteer for group projects and assignments. Also ask your supervisor for more tasks and offer help to colleagues.  By doing this, you tell your team leaders you are keen on growing and want more responsibility. This means your supervisor would consider you when they want to consider mentoring someone for a leadership role. 

Stand Up for Yourself 

Once you've made it clear that you want to advance in your career, speak up for your skills at work. Notify your supervisor that you would want to apply as soon as your employer advertises new openings in which you are interested and begin preparing your application. Meet up with your supervisor or immediate manager. Tell them why you are deserving of a career boost. Make sure to provide actual proof of your skillset and the kind of work you have done in the company so far. Taking the lead is always helpful, rather than wait for a promotion to be handed over to you. You should be well aware of the importance of boosting your work. It helps you advance your profession and helps set you up with enough chances for a career rise . You can also make a presentation, submit an application and so on. One step forward does go a long way in giving you the promotion and the pay hike it comes with. Who knows, maybe you could even win awards. Being able to articulate your qualities to others is necessary. This is especially true when you are hoping for a promotion at work .  Examine your work and make a case for yourself or for why you should be given the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and why you are qualified to be a leader. Thus, it's important to present your case with facts and figures. This can include previous performance indicators, messages from clients praising your work or the evidence that you have to show that you have achieved your targets. With actual proof, you can get your supervisor to take you seriously. If you speak to them directly rather than wait for them to speak to you, you show the management that you are confident and self-assured and most importantly, that you deserve more opportunities in the company.

 Do a lot of Research 

Knowing the best route to your professional objectives is the best approach to advance in your job. Every time you decide on a new career goal, investigate the abilities, credentials, expertise, and professional networks required to reach 'that goal. It's a given fact that developing a successful profession takes a lot of time and effort. That's why career development strategies should include actual research and a clear picture of what you actually want. You need to evaluate whether your objectives are reasonable given your existing circumstances and, considering your research's findings, modify your plan. Make the most of what you have been given. This means actually talking to your boss or other mentors. You can ask them to give you the guidance you need on moving from your current position to your desired career objectives. 
You can also conduct your own research by looking for new ideas on the internet. Try reading what experts have to say on career development. You should also use your professional network and talk to people who have done what you hope to do. They may have some pointers for you. So talk to them and make the best use of resources you have for this. You should also invest in any courses or skill-development courses if you need to do that.

Put Money Towards Your Professional Growth. 

Make it a habit to pick up knowledge from those around you and to devote time and funds to professional development opportunities. You have access to a wide range of professional development opportunities, such as online courses, conferences, seminars, and formal education. Colleagues with a different skill set than yours can even engage in an information exchange where you teach each other regarding your area of specialization. Putting money into your own career advancement increases the caliber of your output and increases your chances of being hired for higher roles. 
Many places of employment provide their staff with possibilities for voluntary professional development. By taking part, you can demonstrate to your bosses that you take the initiative to promote your own development. Additionally, some employers offer their staff members vouchers or stipends to utilize toward their education. This enables you to stay current on industry developments and enhance your output. Your value in the workplace increases with your level of education. 

Make Opportunities for Yourself 

Being responsible for your accomplishments and creating opportunities to showcase your abilities are, in the end, two of the best methods to advance in your job. Consider how you can create your own chances for growth, such extra work you can utilize to build your portfolio or side projects that challenge your abilities. To expand your network, meet other experts at industry events and discuss with coworkers how you can work together. 
You can show that you're willing to pick up new skills and adjust to an environment of constant change by taking the initiative and looking for new challenges. Keep in mind that experiencing new things and stepping outside of what you're used to are frequently the paths to growth. If you want more work and nothing is offered, think about submitting a suggestion for an innovative program or making a pitch to your manager. As a leader, you should be innovative and willing to take risks. You can also show potential for growth by sharing your ideas with others. Providing you with little opportunities to demonstrate your independence and talents will help you become more confident and prepare for roles with greater responsibility in the future. 

Learn New Skills 

Picture this- you're a writer, with a degree in journalism and you begin your career as an article writer for a magazine. As time changes, your magazine loses readership because everyone has switched over to faster entertainment and information. You, however, have never considered leveraging social media or learning other forms of writing. What happens to you in today’s quick information world?  

You end up in a dead-end career with no chances for growth. But instead of playing to your comfort zone of writing long articles all the time, you can consider advertising copywriting. Learn how to write quirky copies for ads and consider a career in an ad agency. Or if you have a keen eye for understanding how your readers will enjoy your article, you might consider learning digital marketing and using those skills to improve the online reach for your magazine or your article. The point is, when times change, you need to be ready to change with it. Don’t let yourself be caught in a loop of no growth and advancement. Be brave enough to try new skills for career growth. 

Summing Up 

Enhancing your professional development is a distinct procedure that is based on your objectives and current role. Putting down your goals and the steps you wish to take to get them is a solid starting point for enhancing your professional development. Speak with your manager and get their opinion on how you can accelerate your career growth. Make use of platforms such as BeeinJobs to develop your abilities and progress your career. You can think about requesting frequent coaching on enhancing executive abilities including planning, organization, negotiating, business writing, and leadership. 

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