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Keep Earning while you Prepare for Government Jobs


Getting ready for a government job is not easy. It takes a lot of time and hard work, and it can also be tough on your wallet. While many people dream of landing a government job because of the benefits and job security it offers, not everyone considers the private sector as a viable option. In this blog, we'll look at why considering jobs in private companies can be a smart move while you're preparing for government job exams. We'll explore factors like age limits for applicants, the low chances of getting selected for government jobs, and the benefits that private sector jobs offer.

Age Limits and Selection Rates:

When it comes to government job exams, there's usually an age limit – often, you have to be under 30 or 32 to apply. But for private sector jobs, the age limit might be around 27. This difference shows how important it is to keep your options open and consider private sector jobs as a plan B. Another thing to think about is how hard it is to get a government job. The selection rate is really low, around 0.3%, which means there's a lot of competition. This makes it even more crucial to have a backup plan in the private sector for financial security and career growth while you're working towards your government job goal.

 A Story About Rahul:

Let's talk about Rahul, who always wanted to work in the government sector. After finishing his studies, he began preparing for his dream job. At..


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